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It always amazes me when we at dotFIT get to repeat something we told the world since the beginning, and while our practitioners continue to get the proper message out to our ever-growing client base. These loyalists, who by the way are the healthiest, have always followed the recommendations. Now the rest of the world is listening and acting. Not only because of the sudden health message, but also because acquiring quality protein is becoming difficult and expensive during this uncertain time. 

The good news is that the highest quality protein on the planet is readily available, inexpensive, and convenient and should have been a component of everyone’s meal planning in the first place.  

So here we get to go again. Using a correctly formulated “protein food mix” (yes, it’s food!) for up to 1/3 of your daily caloric intake to make sure you get the proper amount of protein. At the same time, controlling calories that can create and maintain a lean body is the not-so-secret menu planning that our sport and fitness client base, including celebrities and elite athletes, follow religiously for a lifetime. Not just because our protein mixes taste great (they have 1000s of different recipes), but also because it’s the best way to deliver the needed, fast-acting protein and other desired nutrients before and after the workout. This allows for a faster, more complete recovery so that you can continue to want to exercise or train.  

For example, if you are consuming 2000 calories/day, make ~500-700 from nutrition shakes (or in combination with high protein nutrition bars). Protein mixes have always been the go-to solution to control calories. So by incorporating them into daily meal planning, one can favorably alter body composition (i.e., more muscle & less fat).

Wait, there is far more. Correctly formulated Professional mixes (meaning they are 3rd party tested for purity, potency, and containing the properly needed healthy ingredients) offers the flexibility to add other, not regularly consumed, foods conveniently, such as many fruits, vegetables, dairy, etc., and is by far the best solution for weight control when integrated into daily meal planning. 

The list goes on, but what stands out most to everyone is the bonus of the cost savings on the monthly food bill. Imagine getting healthier, stronger, leaner, and saving on the grocery bill! Too good to be true? Not for the millions of us that have been doing it our entire lives, including our children. 

Nutrition creates and maintains our health, structure, and functional potential. Delivering what the body can use, rather than what people randomly feed it, is how you maximize the support to all parts of the human body. Protein is a crucial component to proper nutrition, along with the RDA of the vitamins and minerals, which allows the protein to do its magic throughout a lifetime. 

The protein intake goal for every active human at all ages that seeks to maximize growth, development, overall muscle, bone health, recovery from exercise, and daily life, while remaining structurally and functionally independent, reduce the risk of early aging and stave off the inevitable should consume daily: 1 gram per pound of lean body mass (LBM) split at least four times daily with 25-30 of those grams ingested before and repeated after exercise from a fast-acting protein shake (or fast-acting high protein nutrition bar). When training and protein converge within a tight timeframe, great things happen – and for a lifetime.  

Below is everyone’s baseline dietary support program, including the protein, to support health, performance, recovery, and longevity to augment any diet, exercise program, and daily life 

And no one would be immune to the benefits no matter how well you think you eat. 

Our families Grow Strong - and Stay Strong!

Health, Activity Recovery, Performance & Longevity Program -Level-1 Baseline


  • Targeted dotFIT Multivitamin and Mineral formula (Kid’s, ActiveMV, Women’s, Over50 or VeganMV) – these MVMs all contain the known under-consumed vitamins & mineralsTake as directed with meals 

Daily as needed protein mix:

  • WheySmooth, Vanilla or Unflavored* or another favorite dotFIT protein mix including vegan formulas
  • Use as directed to make sure you get ~1gm of protein per pound of LBM (or weight if not overweight) daily from all sources including foods divided 3-5 times daily
  • If exercising use ~25gm 30-40min before workout & repeat dose immediately post-workout (see below)
  • Can be used as a supplement to a meal or by itself (or mixed with desired supporting contents) to shore up total daily protein needs

·      Super Calcium (read all food labels for calcium content including dotFIT protein shakes)

o Use if you do not meet the everyday needs of calcium (~1000-1200 mgs) from food/shake intake

o Females take 1 or 2 daily with meals; if you need to take 2, take one with AM meal and the 2nd with PM meal; Males take one only if necessary

Workout days

  • WheySmooth or another favorite dotFIT protein mix
  • Take 1- scoop 30-40min before workout & repeat same dose immediate after

*May substitute favorite dotFIT Nutrition High Protein Bar based on venue convenience

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