Yes because how do you know you are eating right? Do you know exactly what’s right, and can you check your foods to make sure all those “right nutrients” are actually contained in your daily diet? Here is your answer: First and foremost, the most recent government studies show that virtually everyone in the US falls short of our daily requirements. Reasons are obvious: 1) a daily “perfect diet” is generally not palatable to most and/or contains too many calories to maintain proper weight or to be able to lose weight; 2) who can design a diet that can contains all the daily requirements? 3) even if we tried to eat “perfectly” – based on the food’s origin/soil/feed, harvest process, storage & shipping time, cooking methods, etc., there is no guarantee the nutrients (or amounts) you are trying to ingest are in the foods - and what are you going to do – test every food you eat for nutrient content? 4) As we age our body’s needs change. We require the substances our bodies can no longer produce or acquire efficiently from food. A MVM formula designed for you (not a generic drug store cheapie) is tested to have all the listed nutrients so you have comfort and insurance (at a nominal price) that you are getting all you need to live a longer, more productive life.

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