When over 50, age is more important than gender when looking for the right daily multivitamin mineral formula (MVM). As we age, our body’s needs change - especially beyond 50 years. We require the substances our bodies can no longer produce or acquire efficiently from food. Aging also alters our diet preferences, food availability and generally prevents us from getting sunshine to produce sufficient vitamin D. Generally, needs increase for Vitamins B6, B12 along with bone-building nutrients such as Vitamin D, Vitamin A (also beta carotene) and even Vitamin K for people over 50. Most adults also need a calcium supplement, but the amounts necessary do not fit into a quality MVM. Therefore, if you are not getting 1200 mg per day of calcium from food, always look for a MVM that contains little to no calcium and use a calcium supplement that contains 500 mg per tablet and use as needed. Below is an ideal MVM for the over 50 population.

Take one tablet per day before or after main meal with a favorite beverage


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