Vitamins are not metabolism boosters in adequately fed people. However, vitamins perform important functions in almost all of the body’s metabolic pathways. In fact, you can’t produce energy without them, therefore if you were deficient in certain vitamins (primarily the B-vitamins) your energy production, thus overall metabolism, would suffer. Correcting this deficiency by increasing your vitamin levels to normal through food or supplements would then improve your energy and metabolism. This situation explains why when some people begin taking a daily multivitamin and mineral (MVM) or a B-vitamin supplement, they feel more energetic. Feeling more energetic leads you to participate in more daily activities, allows better workouts and/or creates the desire to start exercising, all leading to burning more calories daily. Our recommendation has always been that all persons of all ages should use a daily MVM to complement one’s best efforts to define and consume a proper diet. At a minimum, MVM supplementation is insurance against common and unavoidable shortcomings driven by typical daily diets and local food supply or availability. At best, the daily increased level of all known vital nutrients supplied by the MVM may indeed allow optimal cellular performance in all areas including metabolism.

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