Basically, you would follow the directions on each container assuming they are accurate in having you ingest the product in a manner that would allow the best results. Most people can take their health supplements with meals all at once, unless directions on the bottle specifically state not to – which may be the case for iron supplements. For example, a multivitamin and mineral formula (MVM), an omega-3 fish oil capsule and a calcium supplement are considered health supplements and all can be taken at the same meal. If your health professional tells you that you need to add 1000 mg per day of calcium in the form of a supplement, you would take it in two doses: 1 - 500mg tablet with a morning meal and 1 with an evening meal for best results. If you are taking fitness related supplements, they are generally very specific on when you take them throughout the day based on exercise times or best times for complete absorption – i.e. ingested with or without food or on an empty stomach.

Below is an example of a typical health and performance program instructions for many NBA players:

Health Supplements

Active multivitamin mineral formula (2 tabs daily)

• Take 1 tab with a meal twice daily

Super Omega 3 Fish Oil (1 tab daily when not consuming fish)

• Take 1 tab daily with a meal on days not consuming fish

Surperior Antioxidant (1 tab daily)

• Take one tab daily with a meal

Super Calcium

• Use if you do not meet the daily needs of calcium (~1000-1200 mgs) and Vitamin D (1000IU) from sunlight , multivitamin and food intake. Take accordingly with meals

Training Supplements

AminoFormula (before and after training/games only)

• Take 2-scoops 10-30 min before workout (may add a Gatorade-type product)

• Take 2 -scoops immediately following workout

Pre/Post Workout Shake (before and after training/games)

• Take 2-scoops within the same window of time as the AminoBoost: 10-30min before workout or use favorite dotFIT® bar for convenience in place of the shake

• Take 2-scoops 20min post workout (or 2 bars if more convenient)

• Use anytime as a meal if necessary

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