Almost all restaurants will make meals the way you like. Meaning, you tell them how you want your meal prepared or what you want it to consist of before they deliver it. If the foods you are looking for (e.g. chicken, beef, rice, potatoes, bread, salads, etc.) are on the menu in any form, they can almost always be prepared the way you want it - even in fast food restaurants.

Here are some tips on ordering:

• Start with a broth based soup or dinner salad with light dressing (without the cheese and bacon)

• Ask for your meat to be grilled, poached, baked or roasted

• Order extra veggies

• Minimize/avoid heavy cream sauces and butter

On the other hand, If you would rather occasionally have total freedom to order as you feel, and your desire is for something possibly considered less healthy than the norm, remember you can eat anything want, just not everything you want. Meaning, you should use portion control to stay within your average daily caloric budget.  You can also save up your calories for your larger dining out meal by having smaller meals throughout the same and next day. You can also go to the Reference Menus provided in your program and note the sample “Night Out” menu for ideas on how to save calories for a night out.

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