How do dotFIT Bars compare to Fiber ONE bars?

How do dotFIT Bars compare to Fiber ONE bars?

Answer: Remember that if you are looking to bulk your fiber content it can be done by choosing higher fiber foods. Keep in mind that eating high fiber foods is not recommended before workouts, hence the reason dotFIT bars are low in fiber.

Fiber One
The bar appears to be positioned as an aid for weight control based on its fiber content and certainly NOT a pre- or post-workout product.

The Fiber One bar contains only 3g of protein with 9gms of fiber, which of course is the last combination of nutrients an exerciser would be looking for in a pre- or post- workout energy recovery bar. The fiber contained in Fiber One is from chicory root extract ,which is Inulin. While many fibers can play an important role in health, Inulin has little impact in comparison to healthy fibers. See below from top researchers:

From Schneeman B, 1999, J Nutr.
Inulin and oligofructose will share some but not all of the properties of fiber in the small intestine. They are soluble in water and not digested by mammalian enzymes. As a consequence, they may cause a slight increase in volume and some increase in the dry weight of intestinal contents. Although these properties may result in some effect on mixing and diffusing within the small intestine, the overall effect is unlikely to be very pronounced because in most cases, Inulin and oligofructose do not appear to increase viscosity significantly.

From Nutrition Action Letter (2008)
Companies are now adding a host of isolated fibers--like Inulin, maltodextrin, oat fiber, and polydextrose--to foods. And their ads and labels imply that those fibers are equal to the intact, naturally occurring fiber in foods. But the evidence on isolated fibers is much skimpier. "There's not much out there," says Slavin. Each fiber's impact on regularity also goes beyond soluble vs. insoluble. For example, you wouldn't expect Inulin to do much for regularity because gut bacteria gobble most of it up. Unfortunately, both Inulin and polydextrose have a downside in large doses.

"Inulin may cause gas or other GI problems at doses above 15 grams a day," says Slavin. "For some people, the gas isn't a big issue, but others are really sensitive."

* Isolated inulin, polydextrose, and maltodextrin are soluble fibers but they're not gummy, so they probably don't lower blood cholesterol or blood sugar.
Fiber can also "help keep your digestive system on track” according to the Fiber One box. To most people, that means fiber helps keep you regular. And that's true for some fibers (like wheat bran). But Inulin, the main fiber added to Fiber One bars, had no clear impact on regularity in the best studies done so far. (1,2)

(1) Eur: J. Clin. Nutr 53:1,1999.
(2) Eur. d. Nutr. 98: 540, 2007.

dotFIT bars are ideally designed for pre- & post-exercise needs and menu planning
A healthy convenient food assortment designed to be integrated into your daily meal planning in order to assist you in reaching and maintaining your sport and fitness goals. All products in the nutrition dotFIT™ line can be selected based on taste, preference, venue, size and shape or calorie requirements for any of the typical uses listed below.

Unique features
  • Contains multiple high quality protein sources
  • Products in the nutrition dotFIT category are designed in a synergistic relationship with all dotFIT products and a person’s traditional food intake. These products are NOT spiked with unnecessary nutrients. Most other products in this space (e.g. bars, shakes, ready to drinks, etc.) are heavily spiked with many nutrients that can lead to undesirable levels within the body when combining multiple manufactures, products and normal food intake. Because of our product synergy, use of our complete product line promotes safe and optimal daily nutrient intake
  • Formulated and manufactured for great taste and pleasing texture, all products in the nutrition dotFIT category meet or exceed the FDA’s guideline for “High Protein” and foods are microwaveable
  • Bars, protein sticks, cookies, etc., are handmade and baked with high quality ingredients
  • Third-party testing: Commitment to producing world-class products is our #1 priority. Rigorous testing, both in-house and through third-party, FDA-approved laboratories, assures our clients that all nutritional claims meet or surpass FDA guidelines, USDA guidelines, and industry norms

Bars are designed with an ideal macronutrient content to satisfy the following goals
  • Weight control for portion control and accurate calorie counts
  • Daily menu incorporation as a meal substitute to reduce or increase daily caloric intake
  • Between meal snack as an energy boost or hunger killer
  • Pre- and post-exercise/activity energy and recovery supplement
  • Guiltless dessert

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